Strange times in Ireland, where what drag queen Panti Bliss said on a TV show about a group of people who oppose gay marriage led to state broadcaster RTE having to pay €85,000 in damages and now means you could easily find yourself in court if you call someone “homophobic”.

Panti Bliss – to his credit – hasn’t stepped back from the limelight over this. Indeed – among other things – he’s appeared on stage at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre at the end of a performance to address the audience on the meaning of oppression and homophobia. Little wonder that the video of this has gone viral, as it’s a powerful, entertaining, well-argued speech, and yes, you should take the time to watch it.

The homophobia issue has led to heated exchanges in the country’s parliament, with openly-gay senator David Norris delivering a blistering critique of both the anti-marriage group and fellow politicians.