For many of us aged over 40 and living in Western countries, the world is a much freer and more accepting place for the LGBTQ community than it was when we were young. We are enjoying a life with rights and respect that previous generations would view with envy; although some countries still treat gays appallingly, and we shouldn’t take our liberty or acceptance for granted.

There have never been as many openly LGBTQ people in their middle years and beyond, and so far, our community remains slow to recognize and confront the challenges facing an ageing population.

We’ve grown up in a world of pride and possibilities, and we don’t want to be made invisible as we become elderly or have our personal and sexual identity as gay men ignored or suppressed. Many of us are concerned that we may become isolated or – worse – face renewed discrimination.

  • We want to celebrate our lives as they are and as we are now, breaking down stereotypes about the older LGBTQ community and older people in general.
  • We want to celebrate the fact we’re still here and that hopefully we’ve much to discover and enjoy in the years ahead.
  • We want to help each other take control of our future, thinking about the kind of world we want to spend the rest of our lives in, and making that reality.
  •  We want to be a key online resource for news and information about all aspects of life for the older LGBTQ community.