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Though he insisted that the care home he chose was “gay friendly at least”, Bernard Mays (pictured right) still couldn’t find somewhere with a visible LGBTQ community even in the Bay Area near San Francisco. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, he could no longer remain in his own home.

His story is well-told by Bay Area Reporter journalist Matthew S. Bajko, who’s been writing a series of articles about the challenges facing an ageing queer community. And those tough choices about how to manage dependency in old age are something we really need to talk about more. Bernard found somewhere which could cope with his physical decline, but which thus far risks making him feel isolated or forces him to join in with a community which he doesn’t feel part of and which he can’t guarantee will be supportive or accepting.

“One of the biggest adjustments for Mayes has been being assigned seating for meal times and sharing a table with the same people for three months at a time.”




Based in Shropshire in the UK, SAND was formed after a group of men and women went to see the film Gen Silent and felt they should start taking a closer look at life for the older queer community around them.

They’ve already produced a report on issues facing LGBTQ seniors, and are trying to raise awareness in both within and beyond our community.


Well, don’t choose Afghanistan, as it comes bottom in the Global Age Watch Index 2013, which ranks countries according to how well the ageing population is faring across a number of variables.

As always with reports of this kind, the overall rating of your country may not reflect your personal experience; but it’s interesting to see how badly some supposedly developed nations perform in the rankings.

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